Bakers Delight Enterprise Agreement 2012

Brad Marsh took Baker`s deal from the Fair Work Commission, claiming that his 15-year-old daughter and co-workers were underpaid underpaid under the 2006 agreement. Credit: Hundreds of Baker Stephens employees will face sharp pay rises from Thursday, after the national bakery chain succumbed to pressure to overturn a deal on outdated wages and lift weekend sentences. The move comes just weeks after Fairfax Media revealed that the company continued to use the 2006 WorkChoices era agreement that allows it to pay 200 employees packages of just $8 an hour. An analysis of pay slips and working tables showed that many salespeople at stores in Victoria and Queensland, run by Bakers Delight, missed penalties and overtime allowances, meaning they are often paid less than the premium, the basic wage safety net. Fair Work Commission publishes enterprise agreements on this website. Just this week, the bakery chain is facing a new challenge for another deal that would have underpaid up to 400 employees at 16 franchised stores in Victoria. „In this context, we call on the Fair Work Commission to legally terminate the operation of the existing collective agreement. We communicate closely with our employees about this process. A survey conducted by Fairfax Media last year showed that many fast-food outlets and supermarkets were using agreements that, if challenged, would not pass the best overall test. The best overall test means that all agreements must ensure that all agents covered by the agreement do not perform worse than they would be if they were paid the premium.

On Tuesday, the retail and fast food workers` union asked the Fair Work Commission, on behalf of its members, to terminate another contract that expired and was used by the company in 2011. The agreement affects approximately 400 employees in 16 victoria locations. A union analysis shows that more than 80% of retail employees lose on average nearly $1,000 a year – some receiving more than $2,000 less per year than the minimum wages of the 2010 General Retail Industry Award. Start our document search and try to find full-text agreements. Keelia Fitzpatrick, coordinator of the Young Workers Centre, said Bakers Delight`s headquarters had „an obligation to understand what agreements its franchisees use.“