Bssd Negotiated Agreement

Principal – Bering Strait School District Bering Strait School District accepts applications for the position of Principal at the Wales School for the 2020-2021 school year. We are starting to do videoconferencing interviews and other means. We are a standard data-based neighbourhood and we need flexible and progressive teachers who support an intervention response (RTI) approach to teaching and are ready to implement related strategies. It would be a great advantage to use comfortable technology to track students` progress and prepare documentation. BSSD uses a comprehensive web database to track student progress called PowerSchool, the technology is used for most everyday tasks. All classrooms are connected to the wireless Internet. Our neighbourhood offers very competitive salaries, numerous opportunities for human resource development and an innovative professional climate. When it comes to unique life and work experiences, we have some of the best. On our website, you will find details about our neighborhood as well as video clips of our villages and even a forum to post questions.

JOB DESCRIPTION TITLE: Principal QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Current Alaska Type T Teaching Certificate and Type B. Management Certificate (Preferred Special Educational Support.) 2. At least three years of experience as a school principal and/or teacher. 3. Master`s degree in the administration of preferred education. (4) Alternatives to the aforementioned qualifications, such as the superintendent as a school board, may find this appropriate and acceptable. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Responsible for the implementation of all Board guidelines and regulations by school staff and students. 2. Responsible for maintaining positive school and departmental relations and image within the village.

3. Responsible for maintaining a close relationship between the school and the district within the AEC village. 4. Identification of needs, development and evaluation of student activities according to district policy. 5. Choose curricula that best meet the needs of the community and also meet established district policies. 6) delegate appropriate responsibilities to staff within the unit so that the entire program operates effectively and efficiently. 7.

Maintain high standards of student behavior and impose discipline, as necessary, according to an ordinary procedure for the rights of students and staff. 8. Make sure that student staff statements are kept properly and up-to-date. 9. Development of a student textbook in accordance with district policy. 10. Grant management in accordance with district regulations and guidelines. 11. Manage school resources and school budget accordingly in recognized accounting and district guidelines. 12. Recommends appropriate closure staff for the recruitment, tasks and evaluation of ranked staff to improve the functioning of the school. 13.

Make sure construction land and equipment remain in a state of repair, safety and cleanliness. 14. Notify the district of abuse, neglect, necessary repairs or necessary modifications. 15. Helping staff with vocational education and training. 16. Keep an updated list of educational materials and school equipment 17. Develop an understanding of the program`s different sources of funding.