Embassy Lease Agreement

It may take a few weeks to find a home with all the desired features, especially given the small empty spaces in some Canadian cities. In the meantime, long-term hotels are possible alternatives, as they offer a fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette and laundry. Most hotel properties offer embassy or government prices when invited to do so and may offer lower prices for extended stays. As a representative of a landowner, we strive to promote the interests of the owner while improving the reputation of the property at all times. As the owner`s representative, the Embassy provides billing, collection and payment of all income and expenses due to the owner or owing by the owner, whether in the lease agreement or otherwise, in accordance with the terms and conditions. As part of this practice, Embassy establishes rental accounts to tenants, including details of all costs incurred, in accordance with the terms of the respective leases. In addition, we will actively monitor and deal with property-related tax and legal payments. Most homeowners need to sign a contract, a lease. This usually requires the tenant for a period of one year, where the rent is paid monthly. Sometimes six-month or one-month leases are offered. Once a rental agreement is signed, the rent for the first month is usually paid to the agent. The tenant also grants a deposit to the landlord who is applied in the last month of the tenancy period, except in British Columbia (see below).

The lease-signature negotiations are compatible with the owner`s point of view. Checking stocks and handing over. Registration in case of need for rent renewals. Invoices, bond collection, rent collection. Cancellation of rent and recovery of the deposit. The separation of all utilities and the payment of outstanding invoices, if necessary. Stock Check – Walkthrough – Transfer. One of the priorities we meet on a regular basis is the need for a flexible lease, as consular staff may be invited to relocate in the short term. We know this need and work with lenders who agree to accept this flexibility by inserting a „diplomatic clause“ in the tenancy agreement that allows the tenant to terminate the lease prematurely and without significant penalties.

On behalf of the owner, the Embassy asset management team finds tenants, manages the lease and assists with resale without the landlord having to make any effort in hiring his strong marketing team. In these cases, the team is responsible for negotiating the pricing and terms of the lease with a potential tenant; and therefore the execution and registration of such leases. The team also helps the owner renew the aforementioned lease. The EAM will permanently manage the tenants of this property and present them as a one-stop shop for representatives of the occupants/tenants. As part of our efforts to make owners well informed, the Embassy team regularly verifies and reports on its current portfolio status, identifies future lines, renewals, prospects and recommends an appropriate strategy in accordance with the plan agreed with the owner. In addition, we will monitor, monitor and make reasonable compliance with rental conditions by tenants; and inform the landlord of a possible landlord`s delay.