Extended Stay Agreement

3. After the hotel gives guests access to the rooms, even if they choose not to stay or use them, the hotel still charges guests the accommodation fee. 1. You record the following information on the first day of your stay at the hotel reception. During their stay, guests must comply at all times with the hotel`s terms of use (including instructions, warnings, information, etc.), as published on the hotel premises. Payments/Taxes: The tax does not apply to stays of 91 consecutive days or more in the same unit. For bookings of less than 91 consecutive days, there is a tax of 12.3% (stay tax of 7%, 5.3% public tax). The minimum stay at the Main and Henry is four days. 2. Before the date of stay, the Hotel Les Clients can contact contact information on the basis of Article 2, paragraph 1, to confirm bookings, etc. In that case, unless there are unavoidable circumstances, you will respond. 1.

Guests do not allow other guests to stay at the hotel, make reservations or sell accommodation contracts or use the hotel facilities only without the hotel`s prior written consent. 1. This document („CGV“) describes the terms of hosting and related agreements (together „hosting contracts“) between Prince Hotels, Inc. („Hotel“) and its customers („customers“). All articles that are not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions are determined in accordance with the laws of Japan or generally established practices. 2. When accommodation agreements take effect in accordance with paragraph 1, guests pay the hotel, up to the date indicated, an amount that does not exceed the accommodation costs for the declared stay (corresponding to 3 days of stay, for a stay of 4 days or more). 1. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 3 paragraph 2 above, the hotel may, in some cases, offer, after the conclusion of accommodation contracts, a special contract in which payment of the application fee is not required. 2.

If you wish to extend your stay beyond the dates covered in paragraph 1, paragraph 2, and have requested it during your stay, the hotel will process this request as an offer of new accommodation contracts at the time of application. If the hotel deems it necessary, the hotel may change the terms and conditions of sale. If the hotel decides to make such an amendment before the date 1 month before the effective date of this amendment, The hotel will announce this change, the amended terms and conditions and its effective date on the homepage of Prince Hotels, Inc. (www.princehotels.com/accommodation-agreement/) Daily reservation (7-30 days): upon request for short-term booking, a 25% down payment will be made to insure the rental unit and will be applied to the total cost of your booking. The balance will be fully billed to your credit card seven days before your arrival. Last-minute bookings: Any booking made within seven days of your arrival will be 100% charged for your stay and will not be subject to any cancellation refund.