Island Cruise Preparation Agreement Template

As a general rule, residents who wish to attend university are away from the island for the duration of their studies. These students rarely return to live permanently on the island. It was a big concern for islanders who want to reduce the loss of Aboriginal people. The construction of a local community school is therefore being considered. There are also concerns that a sudden increase in tourism could damage the social makeup of the quiet rural island. Environmentalists refer to small islands and towns in Alaska and the Caribbean, whose local lifestyle, culture and economy are supplanted by foreign visitors. The island council`s municipal plan defines its primary economic axis as an agricultural industry. Tourism must be limited to a level that does not undermine the traditional, social, economic and environmental characteristics of the Community. An agreement between the queen of the island and the tropical island must take into account the impact it will have on the traditional lifestyle and the usual rights of the natives. These figures assume that the ecosystem will not be deliberately damaged, such as the removal of corals or wildlife as a result of cruise tourism.

During the period when a cruise ship is moored near the island, and for four days after departure, residents are advised not to fish or swim within a two-mile radius, where the cruise ship had docked due to potential health risks. The island`s only natural harbour is the best place to anchor cruise ships. Unfortunately, this two-mile bay is also the most productive fishing ground on the island. Iceland has less tourism infrastructure than Tropical Island and few financial resources to remedy this situation. Its business development department suggested it was realistic to expect an agreement with Desert Island for two-day monthly visits of 700 passengers. But the desolation of the island will prevent them from one day attracting enough demand to justify more than just a day visit.