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Members of Australian Lab Services – Local 166, which provides environmental testing services, including expert analyses of air, soil, sediment and water, yesterday ratified a new four-year agreement. On April 22, MGEU/NUPGE members working at Manitoba Housing ratified a new five-year contract. The MGEU says that employees and their superiors must agree on a reciprocal agreement on which they will go five days without being paid during this fiscal year and that credits will be granted for all days already approved by the Voluntary Reduced Workweek (VRW). „It`s not a lot of clarity,“ she said. „We still don`t know which services will be most affected.“ Today, the Pallister government unveiled a speech from the throne in Manitoba legislation. The purpose of this speech is to outline and highlight the government`s plan for the legislature and to signal to Manitobans how the government`s action will move forward. If today`s Speech from the Throne is a sign of this, Manitobans can expect more: cuts to the public service, budget cuts, increasing privatization, with great guilt for the federal government. Gawronsky also wants the government to promise not to lay off public servants if the union accepts the offer of unpaid leave. It has not yet received a guarantee. The union, which represents thousands of public sector employees in Manitoba, says it has reached an agreement with the province to prevent layoffs, weeks after Premier Brian Pallister said non-significant staff cuts – including possible layoffs – were needed to support funds to fight COVID-19. „From our point of view, this type of approach has obvious advantages,“ says an internal memo from last week, in… our collective ability to assume a relatively modest financial impact in a much broader and more equitable way. Winnipeg (April 26, 2016) – Members of the Manitoba government and the General Workers Union (MGEU/NUPGE) from three different bargaining units have recently ratified new collective agreements.

It depends on your collective agreement if you receive health-related benefits when you retire. Talk to your person or CSSB. These MGEU/NUPGE members help provide the many agricultural services offered by the KronenKonzern Group, including field inspections and risk adaptations for plant insurance programs offered through MASC.