Mould Purchase Agreement

Guarantees. The seller assumes no responsibility for the design of the products being traded. To the extent that the vendor`s staff recommends design changes or provides design analysis, simulations or advice, they do so only to meet the requirements of the seller`s own manufacturing process. The buyer retains sole legal responsibility for the design specifications and performance of the products being traded. The buyer is solely responsible for the compliance of the goods and services acquired by the seller with the applicable regulatory requirements. The buyer assures and guarantees the seller that no information that the buyer makes available to the seller or that he makes available to the seller does not constitute information classified by the U.S. federal government as confidential, secret or top secret, or a similar name by an international government. Offer and acceptance. These terms of sale, as well as a valid offer, constitute a legally binding agreement (the „contract“) and contain the entire agreement between the buyer and the seller for the goods and services provided by the Seller and supersede all other agreements, assurances and agreements of the parties, if any, orally or in writing.

The buyer has accepted this agreement if he accepts an offer or issues an order or other letter expressing the buyer`s intention to pursue the agreement. This agreement governs all orders that the seller accepts by the buyer and/or authorized buyers on the basis of the offer made available to the buyer. These conditions are the only conditions governing the purchase and sale of goods and services between the buyer and seller, and no other conditions apply and are expressly excluded here, including, but not limited to, but not limited to all the conditions included in an offer, order, website or elsewhere. The only additional conditions of an offer, order, website or other policy that apply if accepted by the Seller are conditions relating to the description, price, quantity and place of shipment of the goods produced, and all other terms and conditions are excluded and are considered unexannable. After the seller accepts an order, the buyer is responsible for delivery delays or charges, in addition to the initial price, as a result of a change requested by the buyer and agreed in writing by the Seller. Cancellation by the buyer. At any time, the Buyer may cancel the order in whole or in part by written notification to with effect upon receipt and acceptance by the Seller. In the event of termination, the seller reserves the right to charge the buyer for all services manufactured or acquired before the termination is received, as well as any resin purchased for the manufacture of the buyer`s parts that the seller cannot return.