Parental Responsibility Agreement Northern Ireland

These rights exist to enable those who have parental responsibility to fulfill their duty of care to their child. This is a dynamic process and, as the child is competently invited to make more decisions for himself, the scope of the parents` right to act on his or her behalf diminishes. A health care and social security trust may be qualified by the courts as parental responsibility by a care order, injunction or emergency order for the child. If the child is able to give consent, he or she has the right to be consulted and to make his or her own decisions about his or her care. The ability is specific to the decision, so that a child may be responsible for some aspects of his care, but not others. In Northern Ireland, as soon as they are 18, a young person is considered an adult and parental responsibility no longer applies. Parental responsibility includes the right to consent to medical treatment on behalf of the child and the disclosure of information held by health professionals about the child. Individuals with parental responsibility also have the right to request access to their children`s health records, unless the child can consent. At the same time, important decisions are expected to be discussed with other parents and resolved by mutual agreement. However, in the absence of an agreement, the court may issue a particular order (which resolves a particular issue) or a prohibited procedural order (which defines the nature of the decision that cannot be made without the court`s consent).

As a general rule, a parent does not automatically lose parental responsibility for one child simply because it is acquired by another. However, an adoption decision transfers parental responsibility from natural parents to adoptive parents. Normally, an application for an order conferring parental responsibility should be made in a family court. However, if there is another family procedure concerning the child having in another court, the application may be brought before that court. Married mothers and fathers have parental responsibility. This also applies to single fathers of children born since April 15, 2002, as long as the father is on the child`s birth certificate. When the application is filed, the Tribunal sets a date for the oral proceedings and the other party is informed of that date. If the case is not resolved before the hearing date, a judge or judge will hear the evidence and make a decision. There is no emergency procedure for obtaining parental responsibility.

To change the name of a child in Northern Ireland, all those with parental responsibility must give their consent. In most aspects of the law up to the age of 18, parental responsibility is valid. However, with respect to the deed Poll name change, once they are 16, a child can change their name. They can do so without the consent of one of the people who have parental responsibility for them. It also covers other important areas in a child`s education, including health and religion. Parents who are responsible for it also have the right to accept medical treatment, determine their child`s religion, participate in the choice of their child`s name and accept any name changes. An unmarried father assumes parental responsibility if he or she is on the child`s birth certificate (as of May 4, 2006). When a parent has parental responsibility for a child, he or she may, in the event of death, appoint another guardian of the child. Where a residence decision concerning a child is in effect, no person can ensure that the child is known by another surname, or that it is removed from the United Kingdom without the written consent of any person with parental responsibility or with the consent of the court. Single fathers whose children were born before or after April 15, 2002 – if they are not mentioned on the birth certificate – do not automatically have the responsibility of the child.