Resident Doctors Of Bc Collective Agreement 2019

(D) A mutual agreement of the Committee is accepted as an amendment to the collective agreement for the resident (s) and without prejudice to the position of one of the parties as to the meaning or interpretation of other terms of the collective agreement for the duration of the collective agreement. Maritime Resident Doctors negotiates a collective agreement with your employer that concludes all Dalhousie University-trained residents throughout the Maritimes. This agreement contains articles about your salary, benefits, hours, absence leave, holidays, courses, phone calls and much more. The agreement is usually renegotiated every three years. When the agreement expires, all provisions will remain in effect until a new agreement is reached. Click on the link below to see the full agreement or follow the links to the corresponding articles. „Administrative resident“ means a resident officially appointed resident by his program director who is responsible for certain administrative functions on behalf of a number of registered residents actively involved in the residency program. On written request and within seventy-eight weeks of the child`s birth, a resident also receives unpaid parental leave for up to 61 consecutive weeks. Parental leave usually begins immediately after maternity leave, unless the employer accepts for reasons such as preterm birth or a hospital-born child. To assist program managers and program administrators, we have created a program leaders manual and a program administration manual.

Both guides ensured that the collective agreement, which covers sections such as vacation leave, schedule, appeal scholarships and other important topics, is broken down in terms of linguistic clarity and brevity. On Christmas and New Year`s holidays, residents can choose five consecutive days off instead of three days instead of each statutory holiday. The five days in a row are Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year`s Day, as well as two weekend days – this applies to all residents, whether or not they work on statutory holidays. The employer pays 90% of the premiums for health care and extended dental care; Residents pay 10% which is automatically deducted from their salary. This amount varies for singles, couples and families; For more information, contact Pacific Blue Cross. All changes to the collective agreement will come into effect for the first pay period after ratification, unless otherwise stated in the agreement. Definition: Statutory Leave (Stat) – HEABC/Resident Doctors of BC-approved holiday, which entitles eligible residents for additional pay if they are worked under the collective agreement (Article 11). The section 11 leave period is not managed by RMS. BC Resident Physicians (formerly known as the BC Residents Professional Association or PAR-BC) are a boon on behalf of approximately 1,350 established physicians working for public health care employers in British Columbia.

Residents are not prohibited from using sick leave credits before or after maternity leave with benefits payable in accordance with point b). The employer pays 100% of the MSP premiums of the residents; coverage begins one month after registration (most members on July 1).