San Antonio Police Collective Bargaining Agreement

„There is no doubt that this is a police defunding,“ said Mike Helle, president of the San Antonio Police Officers Association. „There is no way that sugar can be broken. Do it on discipline, do it on whatever you want. It`s another way to clear the police, the period. „It`s not at all true for criminal acts, and it`s another thing that`s been misrepresced,“ Helle said. „If the police officer does something that could be a criminal or something like that, the 180 days are no longer applicable to the situation.“ The San Antonio Collective Agreement contains many safeguards that some scholars have found problematic. According to the 2017 Duke Law Journal`s Police Union Contracts, this is a common topic in most major cities. But now they have put forward a new argument: that collective bargaining is a backdoor method of defunding the police. After all, more than three-quarters of the police budget, which amounts to $387.1 million, is mandated by the city`s contract with the police union – the setting of salaries and benefits, as well as the expenses of uniforms, vehicles and ammunition, among others. I think some of the disciplinary provisions of the current collective agreement with SAPOA allow many bad actors to get through the loopholes and return to the police if the community and the community were better off without them. KSAT will rebroadat its latest special investigation into misconduct and police discipline on Friday at 7 p.m. in San Antonio.m. Trevio: I agree that the treaty now protects bad officers.

Finally, the focus has been on the health sector and this time it must focus on police reform and accountability. We must also insist that the Community be vigorously engaged and that it creates opportunities for the Community to express itself. It is important to understand what the public wants to see in their public safety services. In San Antonio, the current SAPD collective agreement requires the city to defend in court any police officer who legally performs duties. I think we can be more creative and better, with police budgeting, we have a very important and incredible opportunity to redirect budget dollars to areas that can help solve problems upstream and move those dollars from police to domestic violence prevention, fair housing, mental health , support for small businesses. City officials have, to some extent, tied their hands by the police union contract, which imposes a large portion of the city`s police spending. The increase in next year`s budget is mainly the result of more than $13 million in salary and health costs under the contract. The organization Fix SAPD has launched an attempt to collect signatures for a return election on collective bargaining and arbitrations in San Antonio. These efforts are unlikely to meet the mid-August deadlines to collect signatures and have them certified for the November vote.