School District Of Philadelphia Collective Bargaining Agreement

c) No voluntary participation may be initiated after January 15 of a school year. 21. A worker who is not a member of the teachers` bargaining unit, who must work on the first day of his two (2) scheduled days off, is paid half a time (11/2) for the duration of the day (11.2). The worker, who must work on the second day of his two (2) scheduled days off, is paid half a day (11/2) for the duration of the day. If this worker is required to work on both the first day and the second day of his or her two (2) scheduled days off, he or she is paid twice for the time he or she organizes the second day of these two (2) scheduled days off. 9. All PFT staff assigned to Renaissance schools may volunteer to leave school with a (1) year of construction age. 1. Eligibility. As noted in this section, active workers are covered in all units by the School District Workers Compensation Program for injuries or illnesses resulting from employment. (a) communication on schools in which LNTA positions will be available for the summer and the number of positions in each school must be sent by June 7.

(5) If the school is changed to a higher classification, the administrator is kept in that school as a promotion with the salary of the new classification. (8) A worker who, without interruption of the status of designated worker in a (1) bargaining unit represented by the Confederation, up to the status of designated worker in another bargaining unit represented by the Confederation retains his seniority status. Subject to paragraph 13, the calculation of a worker`s place of operation or seniority is not considered a pro-diet, long-term replacement or trainee (except the in-house psychologist). 2. a) No worker may work more than three (3) uninterrupted hours without a 10 (15) minute break in such a period of three (3) hours in addition to his lunch break, provided that the relationship between the student and the staff, governed by the license and the funding in the schools or centres, is not harmed. It`s not his /sie half a break (1.2) hours. All cleaners and detention assistants have two (2) 15-minute breaks; (1) morning and (1) in the afternoon. 4. When it is necessary to change tasks or schedules in a school or centre, these changes, except in an emergency, must be discussed at least two (2) days of work in advance between the head teacher and the staff member concerned.

4. All workers in the collective agreement unit who earn more than the higher amount covered by paragraph 3 are entitled to a period of compensation. Compensation time is earned per hour for forty (40) hours per week and one and a half hours (11.2) hours for each hour of compensation earned more than forty (40) hours. 1. A worker in the series of classifications in Appendix „B“ is advanced to the upper levels within the series after being appointed to the entry position of the series in a given classification, if the worker has received: (a) a satisfactory assessment of the time spent in the lower classification; b) be able to perform all the tasks and responsibilities of the higher level; (c) meets the minimum training and experience requirements for the higher level in the job description; 2.