Subject Verb Agreement The Beaver

Some of our writing becomes weak when we use verbs like „to be“ and „to have.“ These verbs add little to our prose; Instead, they unnecessarily inflate our letter, as if we were going to wander. Give strength to your writing by using powerful verbs. The phrase: „The groom proudly went to the dance floor“ sounds so much more compelling when changed to „The groom strutted on the dance floor.“ In this case, we turned a weak verb + adverb „proudly run“ into a strong verb „proudly“. While weak verbs play a useful role as an assistant, let the majority of your verbs express strength to improve your writing style. While readers may not notice the problem because there`s nothing wrong with sentences, weak verbs still influence how they perceive your writing. Consider the following sentences: 2 Exercise 2: Correction Reading on Subject-Verb Conformity Error – Sets Surround the Topics and Underline the Verbs. Make an arrow in the verb its subject. If the sentence has a subject-verb conformity error, remove the wrong verb and write the correct verb form about it. 1. Calcium, one of the most common elements in the world, is important for the growth of strong bones and teeth. 2. Every animal needs calcium for its health. 3.

Calcium is also used for many other purposes. 4. Already in ancient Egyptian times, historians tell us about the use of calcium as a building material. 5. In nature, this important element is still present as a compound like calcium carbonate and calcium fluoride. 6. Lack of calcium can be a serious problem. 7.

The calcium-lacking bone is fragile and breaks easily. 8. Older people, especially older women, often have osteoporosis. 9. Osteoporosis is a disease that causes calcium deficiency in the bones. 10. In Canada, one in four women over the age of fifty suffers from osteoporosis. 11. A person with osteoporosis can break a bone by sending simple daily activities such as walking, hugging or coughing.

12. Anyone with osteoporosis should consume calcium-rich foods daily. 13. Milk, tofu and spinach are rich in calcium. 14. Regular exercise also helps prevent osteoporosis. 15. The other group that requires a lot of calcium is children who are growing up.

16. They need calcium to help their bones and teeth become strong. 2 Note how the verb in the second sentence „arrives“ sounds louder and describes the act of early arrival more strongly than the verb in the first, „is,“ which describes only a state of being. The beaver, Canada`s national animal, has (a) some unusual properties. An unusual fact about beavers is their size….