Tenancy Agreement No Pets Clause

The tenant is aware of the No Pets clause and will document when they have the pet and each time/instance, you should know that they are hosting a pet in their apartment. Here we go again. Pets, what part of „no animals“ these people do not understand? First, I did not know that the moratorium was only on employment and employment issues – are the courts available for deportations? Second, and more importantly, how to monitor pets? I can`t spend every week, but I can`t wait for the inspection or call she would hide from the animal anyway. It bothers me. My neighbor is shaken, so I can`t count on her. Tenants are responsible for their pets at all times – it is unacceptable for pets to disturb others, cause damage or threaten safety. Some problems with pets are the reasons for an owner to issue a notice to terminate the lease. Can you keep pets in a rented house for children to enter and pets? What kind of insurance do you need to make this happen, you would also need government authorization so that children other than yours could come to your rented accommodation and pet these animals. Do you also need a license to keep the aforementioned animals? Anyone can help me. I live in rented accommodation a2dominion, and my rental contract says I can keep small cadet birds in a private garden that I have.so the point is that I have 4 chickens 2 Cockerells and 2 chickens someone complained about my cocks noise, if the owner said I had to get rid of all my service boards, then I said, I go and keep my chickens they know as he says, as he says in your lease know the chickens that are not like I can go, so I can keep my chickens that don`t make any noise at all and also bantam chickens so it would be the size of a pigeon I wouldn`t say like big chickens , which you see on farms, please, if anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it thank you x My daughter signed a rental contract with the states, „There will be a $35 monthly fee for pets.“ When she tried to adopt a dog, the owner told her that he had changed his policy (rescue called him, he told them they were calling my daughter)… Anyway, is it legal in the United States? He explained that he was tired of flea problems in some of his other features. Is there anything we can do? My daughter is very depressed because she was looking forward to a companion.

He even said she could have a pet if she visited the property. What`s your advice? A declaration requesting prior approval should specify that each pet is considered separately – this is not a flat-rate authorization. The tenant has the right to refuse any pet. The clause should also emphasize that if permission is granted for a pet, any rule must be respected, otherwise the authorization may be automatically revoked. Looking for some advice and information. My partner and I decided to buy a pet, but before that we asked our owner for permission (the contract declared no pets). He was told that it was a ferret and that he would live in a cage that would be provided to him. The owner agreed, we asked him again and again when he wanted the agency to know that he agreed with the change, Bu he said he was calling and everything is fine. A week ago, the owner came in and saw the ferret sleeping in the cage. We asked him again if he was okay with the pet, he said, „Yes, no worries.“