Texas Association Of Realtors Commercial Lease Agreement Pdf

9 Commercial rental concerning: F Common Areas: The owner of all public spaces in the property is determined as the owner, in the best interest of the owner of the property, each elevator and panels in the owner community area can change the size, size and location of all public spaces, provided that such a change does not significantly affect the use of the tenant and access to tenants renting to the non-exclusive license for the use of the Common Areas in Accordance with Common Parts Rules and Landlord Rules The tenant must not request transactions in public spaces or infringe another person`s right to use public spaces This paragraph does not apply when paragraph 2A (2) g H applies a notice of repairs: The tenant must immediately inform the landlord of any repair object responsible for the repair. : The landlord must make a repair for which the lessor is responsible within a reasonable time, after the lessor has informed the lessor in writing of the necessary repair if the tenant does not repair or maintain a property for which the tenant is responsible within 10 days after the landlord has informed the tenant in writing of the repair or maintenance required , the owner can: (1) repair or maintain the thing. , without liability for damage or loss to the tenant, and the tenant must immediately reimburse the landlords for repair or maintenance costs; or (2) exercise of the landlord`s remedies under the amendment: a tenant must not change (including intrusion into the roof; exterior walls or foundations), improve or add the property or rented premises without the written consent of the lessor not to inappropriately accept the tenant`s consent to reasonable non-structural changes, modifications or improvements to the tenant`s rental premises B must not modify the castles or the security arrangements Land or rental establishments If the owner has modified the modification, or the encryption of approved locks or other security features, the tenant must immediately transmit the new keys and access devices to Owner C. Where an administrative injunction requires an amendment or modification of the leased premises, the party that is required to maintain and repair the item to be modified or repaired in accordance with paragraph 15 , at its expense, amend or modify the matter in accordance with the order and in accordance with paragraphs 16A and 17 D Any modifications, improvements, devices or complements of the property or premises leased by both parties during the term of this lease agreement are the property the landlord and must be handed over to the lessor at the time of this tenancy agreement, with the exception of the rental establishment obliges the tenants in accordance with paragraphs 11 or 14 in writing 17 LIENS: Tenants can do nothing to ensure that the title or leased premises are debited in one way or another if the tenants require to submit a pawnholding tax on the property or the rented premises , the tenant is paid within 20 days of receiving the landlord`s debt: (1) the right to pledge and the right to guarantee registration; or (2) The pawnbroker`s dismissal measures will receive a copy of the tenant exemption in accordance with this paragraph 18 LIABILITÉ: To the extent permitted by law, the landlord is NOT responsible for the tenant or tenant employed, benefactor, client or charge for damage, injury or loss of person or property: tenants; The tenant`s agent; The tenant`s guest Tenant`s staff Tenants Guest tenant; or another tenant on the property; B fire, flooding, water leaks, ice, snow, hail, wind, explosion, smoke, agitation, strike, interruption of services, theft, theft, theft, attack, vandalism, other people, environmental pollution or other accidental events or damage (TAR-2101) Initial for identification by Landlord:, and Tenant:, page 9 of 15 Listt all supply services related to commercial land, as well as the responsible party.