Tricked Into Signing Prenuptial Agreement

„Think of marriage as a business,“ advises our experienced real estate lawyer in Salt Lake City. „Any smart businessman would never have reached a long-term agreement without a legally binding contract, especially with so much financial risk.“ But did you know that cunning and defrauded people exploit pre-marital or post-marriage agreements to coerce, deceive or deceive their ignorant spouses or spouses to sign the agreement? And in many cases, the ignorant spouse has no idea what he or she agrees with. So let`s imagine the following scenario: you`re going to get divorced and it`s time to divide your assets and assets. And all of a sudden, you realize that you are not allowed to receive any of the real estate. Basically, all you get after the divorce is common debts. Sounds unfair, doesn`t it? But your spouse says you won`t be able to do anything, since you agreed to such terms before or after the divorce in the agreement. In addition, many such agreements set the amount of spousal assistance that one spouse must pay to the other spouse if and when the marriage is broken. Nor can a marital agreement be applicable if the contract is distorted for the benefit of a spouse to the point that the court finds it unacceptable. This is the stereotypical view of marital agreements, often exaggerated on television and in movies, where the more affluent spouse keeps everything and the poorest spouse receives nothing in the event of a divorce. To be unacceptable, the court must conclude that a spouse had no choice but to sign the agreement, when the conditions were radically unfair. Someone you think is a „friend“ has a great idea for a business. He brings you a contract that seems pretty legal, so sign it. In a few weeks, we realize that things are not quite up and down.

So you look for ways to terminate the contract and you ask: „What is considered a valid contract; and if I signed a contract because its terms were misrepresered to me, what are my legal rights? A valid contract has an offer, acceptance and consideration. If a contract is met The requirements of your states for a binding legal agreement, you are generally bound by the treaty. Each state provides its own set of exceptions. A generally accepted exception is fraud. Depending on the nature of the fraud and the extent of your harm, you may, if necessary, seek criminal or civil remedies. It is important to note that the lack of legal assistance does not guarantee the tipping of a prenup. It is essential to be decisive when entering into a contractual agreement in order to promote a strong understanding of the treaty and to be better equipped to protect yourself in the future. In many marriages, a marriage is a good way to establish property interests and settle disputes before they arise between a couple.

Marital agreements dictate the distribution of real estate if the couple chooses to divorce and can consolidate inheritance rights in mixed families. However, in some cases, the marriage agreement is unenforceable and it is essential that spouses who challenge the terms of their marriage pact know when they can challenge the applicability of that contract in a divorce.