Vacation Rental Agreement Arizona

INDEMNIFICATION – HOLD HARMLESS: While Elite Vacation Rentals and its owners strive to keep vacation properties in perfect condition, no guarantees regarding suitability or for any particular purpose are issued or implied. All guests and guests use the structures and premises of the holiday property at their own risk. Elite Apartments, Elite Services, Arizona Elite Properties and its owners are not in any way liable for injuries suffered by customers and/or guests that are caused by intentional or involuntary acts of these customers and/or invited persons or by failures of structures, appliances (including hot tubs and bbqs) and/or other devices, whether by dysfunction, abuse, action. There is no guarantee that public services and other services provided to holiday properties and adjacent buildings and premises will be adequate. There is no guarantee as to the adequacy/compatibility of the materials used in the construction of the holiday property and/or its contents. Elite Vacation Rentals and its owners are not responsible for any allergic reaction to a customer or guest person, products or authorized in the manufacture of the holiday field and/or its contents, still mold and/or air spores, animal allergens or chemical agents, including, but not limited, to appliances, sheets, carpets, utensils, equipment, hot tubs, fumes, nicotine and/or other equipment. By the written or electronic approval of this Agreement, guests and guests agree to keep SG and its owners unscathed forever and any claim, claim, loss, liability or liability of any kind, including defence costs arising from or in any way from the use of the property. LEGAL DISPOSITIONS: The parties agree that this agreement is not a rental agreement and that they are not subject to the right of the owners, but that they may be governed by host statutes. The parties agree that in the event that part of this agreement is no longer applicable because of a state, of a county, a city, an HOA, Desagb, Code, CC-R, or if the premises cannot be occupied by other means as a result of an accident or other matter outside the Homeowner/Agent`s sphere of influence, all other aspects of this agreement remain fully effective.

Any interruption of the host`s stay, which is not due to an intentional act of the owner/agent, results in a refund only if the premises cannot be occupied, and all other inconveniences to the client are not a reason to terminate this agreement or to repay the funds paid by the client. A proportional portion of the living expenses is reimbursed if the premises are destroyed or damaged by an accident that is not caused by the client. The parties agree to waive any right to a jury trial and that all claims must be filed in the Landkreis and the Land where the rental premises are located. The dominant party is entitled to legal fees and reasonable costs arising from a right to violate this agreement. If part of this agreement is not applicable or rejected by a court, all other provisions of this Agreement will remain in force and effective. One-paragraph titles are only simple for readers. This agreement can be executed electronically and in the form of an intercom. If the client is married, both spouses must execute this agreement.