Which Of The Following Services That Need To Be Negotiated In Service Level Agreement Mcq

Explanation: The term „CAAS“ means Communication as a Service, which allows customers to use resources such as Unified Communications and PBX, VPNs, VoIP at the enterprise level, without paying the costs of hosting, purchasing and maintaining the infrastructure. Explanation: While cloud computing applications have excellent missions for extensive processing tasks, cloud computing may not be the best model for you if your application requires large amounts of data transfer. Explanation: Every computer user is familiar with SaaS, which is an alternative for locally installed software. Explanation: The cloud architecture can be divided into two main parts that are back-end and front-end. Explanation: The service provider IaaS (or Infrastructure As A Service) manages the entire infrastructure, while the customer is responsible for several other aspects of deployment. 9) Which one has the unique authentication server and manages multiple accesses to other systems? Explanation: Service models describe the type of service offered by the service provider. 3) Which of the following governance structures and development frameworks does it offer? Explanation: The Open Mashup Alliances group generally predicts that the use of mashups will increase by a factor of 10 in a few years. 15) Which of the following options is the type of service that manages and creates virtual network interfaces? Explanation: In the planning phase, we do analyze the strategic problems that clients may face. In general, there are two steps to perform the analysis: Cloud Computing Planning and Cloud Computing Value Proposition. 4) Which of the following paaS types, which includes on-demand scale and application security? 2) Resources such as IP addresses and BVAs will be made available to end-users through which to the following sites? Explanation: Amazon Web Service is one of the most successful cloud-based companies, which offers infrastructure as a service and can rent virtual computers through their own infrastructure.

7) Which of the next steps can be considered a utility, is it a dream that dates back to the beginning of the computer industry itself? 4) Which of the following features is a feature of SaaS applications? Explanation: The main problem with the platform as a service (or PaaS) is that it normally links the developer and the customer to such a solution, in which the developer and the customer must depend on the provider of the platform. Explanation: reducing administrative burden, reducing overall operating costs and a newer network are the benefits of the Platform for a service. 1) At the end of 2010, which of the following applications was one of the top 5 cloud applications? 7) What types of IT resources are there in Grid Computing? Explanation: Normally, cloud computing offers three types of services to users who are Platform as a Service (or PaaS), Application as a Service (or AssS) and Software as a Service (or SaaS). Explanation: Cloud computing is characterized by the idea that resources are virtual and infinite, and describes the physical systems on which software is run abstractly by the user. 7) Which of the following topics is the most important topic of cloud computing? Explanation: The Google App engine follows PaaS (or Platform as a Service). 2) Model is made up of specific service types that you can access to a cloud computing platform. 3) Among the following benefits, which is related to creating resources stored in a system that supports use by multiple customers? Explanation: Monitoring as a service (or MaaS) offers the ability to offload much of these business costs as a service, unlike a complete home investment tool.