Withdrawal Agreement Bill How Mps Voted

And so on Brexit. This was the main theme of the putney election: 74% of Wandsworth residents voted to stay – an even higher figure than in Scotland. More than one in ten voters in Putney are from other EU countries and are an integral part of our community. I think Brexit is a monumental act of self-injury. In Putney, I spoke to people who broke down in tears at their door, not only because they saw me, but also because they increasingly fear for their rights and status as EU citizens, no matter how many years they are here. I have met NHS workers who are struggling to cope at work because so many other people have travelled to other EU countries and returned to other EU countries, and people whose affairs have been damaged and even closed – and we haven`t even had Brexit yet. We know the risks. We know that Brexit has not been implemented for many years, so my mandate to protest the damage it will cause is certainly not over. The third vote on the withdrawal agreement took place on 29 March 2019. [104] May has promised to resign as Prime Minister if the withdrawal agreement is adopted. [105] In the end, May`s agreement was again rejected, but with a lead lower than the previous two votes.

[106] „It`s time to create Brexit. This bill does so,“ Brexit Minister Stephen Barclay told MPs during several hours of debate in Parliament. Today MEPs adopted the second reading of the European Union (withdrawal agreement). The bill sets out how the UK will leave the EU. I know that many people in this debate are looking to the future and that many see it as a bright new dawn for the United Kingdom. They see a world where the authority and status of this nation is restored in the eyes of the world. I know people really mean it – I`m not saying they`re dishonest in that belief – but I say it`s a deception, a mirage, to say it`s going to happen. If you want proof, look no further than what has happened in recent months. A compromised British government, which understands that its ability to negotiate a trade deal with the United States will be so limited in relation to its ability to be part of a large European bloc, has put itself in the embarrassing position of tendering to the Trump administration to protect its future economic prosperity.