Workload Agreement Monitoring Group

WMG COMPOSITION: The workload monitoring group consists of eight (8) members, four of whom are appointed by the college and four by the local union for a two-year term beginning April 1 of each year. The quorum of the WMG meetings is 4, 6 or 8 members, with the college and the local union represented on an equal footing. At the local level, alternative agreements can be concluded with the agreement of the local union and the college. Its priority was to deal with the excessive burden on teachers in order to remove all „non-teaching“ functions from their daily workload. In order to achieve this goal, the agreement created two new positions for support staff: LEVTA and Cover Supervisor. At the national level, the government created the Workload Agreement Monitoring Group (WAMG), with which it decided to ensure compliance with the provisions of the „Specified Work“ agreement, which is defined as: (a) the planning and preparation of lessons and courses for individual students; Whole groups and classes b) Providing education to students, including the provision of distance learning or computer-assisted techniques c) Assessment of student development, progress and achievement (d) Reporting on student evolution, progress and achievement „Complementing the professional work of teachers by assigning responsibility for agreed learning activities under an agreed monitoring system. This may include planning, preparing and implementing learning activities for individuals/groups or short-term activities for entire classes, as well as student tracking, assessment, recording and reporting of student outcomes, progress and evolution. The teacher will exercise his professional judgment on the basis of what is best for the students on the question of whether it is better for them or for a HLTA to perform certain „specific jobs“. This depends on the level at which a teacher`s technical judgment and expertise are required, for example.B. the evidence is clear: in our 2019 survey of tutors, 76% of the members who supervise coverage did not indicate any differences in the criteria between their duties and those of a teacher.